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Wed Sep 5




Mitt Romney, who was never in the army, tells a veteran his exact age - a guy who could be his twin brother in some parallel universe - that he would actively take away his rights to marry his male partner if he were president. So it’s kinda just like FUUUUUCK YOUUUUUU MITT ROMNEY, you fucking turd.


This is one of my favorite clips of Mitt Romney. If this was a scene written by Aaron Sorkin, everybody would tear it apart for being wish fulfillment and way too “on the nose.”

Mitt Romney is (hopefully) the last of a long line of draft dodging Vietnam era Republicans who will try to become President so they can enthusiastically send other people’s kids off to fight wars.

The way he is SO eager to sit down next to this guy, thinking that this will be a PR “win” for him is disgusting. It’s great to watch him as he realizes what he has gotten himself into.

Little known fact: From now on, whenever a movie or television show needs to depict a giant, flaming train wreck, they’re just going to use audio from this clip for the foley.

Just look at the face Romney makes from 0:58 - 1:16.  JUST LOOK AT IT. I know Obama hasn’t been the best president but how can you vote for a guy who makes that face.